Published in the July 2005 Field & Stream article.

The first version was called the "TOTE-N-BOAT" and had a "boxy" canoe shape.


We sold them through Cabela's Magazines.

The internet had not yet taken off and all our sales were through "Outdoor" magazines and Trade Shows only.


We were selling the boat, but it quickly became clear that it would require a full-time effort and a LOT of traveling to trade-shows, etc.
Dan was already making a career in sculpture/pottery and the boat was shelved.


The Internet finally catches up and we do a complete re-design from a "boxy" Canoe to a sleek Kayak.
The new company was launched out of our Home Garage July 2018.


Sales for the New Kayak start strong and we decide to launch a KICKSTARTER to really see what could happen.

We raised 2 Million with the Kickstarter, moved into a "real" building and set up volume production.


As the world shuts down and "supply-chain issues" become a household phrase, sales were increasing. We pushed through and even did a complete re-design to make all parts in-house, avoiding down-time from those "supply-chain" issues.

Today we make and ship over 120 Kayaks per day and growing.